Web Applications

Why Do Companies Need Web Applications?

One of the best ways to grow your business organically is to provide value by implementing online solutions that solve customers’ problems.

Digitise Your Vision

We at ARTIMUS see Web Applications as mandatory for any business to reach it’s full potential. We design, implement and enable companies to become digitally active by presenting their products and services online. Creating the right web application will assist your business with branding, marketing, traffic and leads which will in-turn lead to higher conversion rates.

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Committed To Quality

ARTIMUS is committed to providing high quality and professional services and can provide create you a  cost-effective, reliable and unique solution for your business.

Our team can help you select the best web hosting service option so that you can easily scale up or down and ensure you have complete control to guarantee that your customer experience is unrivalled.

Custom-Made Solutions

One of the most important features about our web application and hosting service is that each every solution are fully customisable and tailor-made to suit your needs and expectations. Our clients are always get the best result due to the fact that we adapt and evolve the web application design process to achieve your business objectives and satisfy your requirements.

So What Are The Business' Advantages?

Cost-Effective Development

Web-based applications allow clients to access their systems via a uniform environment – the web browser. There is no need to develop and test the application on various systems and configurations because of the fact that the application itself only needs to be developed for a single operating system. The user interaction with the application is then thoroughly tested on various web browsers. This process facilitates development and troubleshooting which undoubtedly cuts down on time and costs.


Web apps allow you to achieve a greater level of interoperability as opposed to isolated desktop applications. For example, it is much easier to integrate a web-based shopping cart system with a web-based accounting package than it is to get two proprietary systems to talk to each other. Web-based architecture allows us to fully integrate enterprise systems which are seen to improve work-flow and other business processes. By integrating web apps, you get a flexible and adaptable business model that can be altered according to shifting market demands.


Web-based apps enable you to experiment and create unique user experiences and interfaces – unlike desktop applications. This allows you to update the look and feel of the application and organise and customise the presentation of information to varying user groups – there is no longer any need for everyone to settle for using exactly the same interface at all times. Instead, you can find the perfect look for each situation and user.

Device Compatibility

In addition to being customisable for user groups, content can also be customised for use on any device connected to the internet. This includes the likes of smartphones, tablets and any other devices with a suitable internet connection – desktop applications would require specific software and would not be easily accessible on portable devices. This further extends the user’s ability to receive and interact with information in a way that suits them. In this way, the up to date information is always at the fingertips of the people who need it.


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Easily Accessible

Web systems are accessible over an internet connection anywhere at any time allowing the user to firmly take charge of where and when they access the application. A huge benefit of having a web-based app is that it can open up exciting, modern possibilities by facilitating home and remote working, managing global teams and engaging in real-time collaboration.

Workload Adaptation

Increasing the capacity of web-based software becomes far simpler. If an application requires more power, only the server hardware needs to be upgraded. This can be done by “clustering” or running the software on several servers continuously. As workload increases, new servers can be added to the system easily. For example, Google runs on thousands of inexpensive Linux servers. If a server fails, it can be replaced without affecting the overall performance of the application.

Facilitated Installation And Maintenance

Once an update or a patch becomes available, the version or upgrade is installed on the host server so that it become available to all users in real-time. Releasing new software is also easier; required that users have up-to-date browsers and plugins. Due to the upgrades being performed online to a single server, the results are more predictable and reliable.


By requiring dedicated servers, web apps are usually monitored and maintained by experienced administrators. This is far more effective than monitoring hundreds or even thousands of client computers as is the case with desktop applications. This then allows for immediate notification of any breaches, thus, tighter security.


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HQ SEO, Cardiff

The AI Recommendation engine helped me to determine which form of AI was most relevant to grow my business. This meant we were able to learn more about the type of AI which would provide the highest level of ROI for the business. Utilising this has helped our company to grow and expand at a more significant rate.

Tom Buckland - Founder


"ARTIMUS provided us with a cost-effective solution to client onboarding including data visualisations to improve our due diligence processes. The fact the ARTIMUS team has a deep understanding of data interrogation and structuring is a valuable resource in the era of customer intelligence"

David Rees - Director

Fitness Assurance, Manchester

ARTIMUS provided us with excellent digital expertise and support in order to create a bespoke online review facility. We’ve been
able to provide a fast free-to-use website that instantly assists visitors in finding and reviewing their fitness providers. The service provided by ARTIMUS was above and beyond my expectations, with a professional but also personable approach. This level of care and attention has certainly helped the website continuously improve and go from strength to strength. Thank you!

Samantha Smithson - Director

Mindful Work Training, Cardiff

We design and deliver online mindfulness training for organisations, for stress reduction. We needed an interactive website that could perform several functions. We contracted Toby at Artimus to work with us on a portal that could serve the trainee, the client and the us.

The brief was complex, but with Artimus' help we managed to make sense of it all, creating the first stages of a facility that will grow as we do. Artimus staff were patient, accommodating and creative in this process and helped us breathe a sigh of relief when we had a working system.

Simon Michaels - Founder and Director

Greyfly Consulting, Bristol

"ARTIMUS provided us with excellent MVP for our Business risk calculator, We’ve been able to provide a fast free-to-use business assessment solution that instantly highlights the risks a business should be focusing on and what risks they are dealing with well. This has helped not only us but our clients and those using the tool."

Lloyd Skinner - CEO

Rocky Ecommerce, Gibraltar

"We needed a fully functional, exclusive e-commerce platform built within a specific timeframe at a reasonable cost. Because of our extensive requirements, it deterred some other businesses from taking on the project. Artimus was my best alternative which offered services tailored to my specific needs; exceeding my expectations. Their unique solution provided the foundations for business as well as forming an excellent relationship to achieve a common goal. Artimus is a very specialised and professional entity of whom we would recommended to anyone looking to kickstart or revitalise their organisation"

Nathan Stockford - CTO