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Case Study – The UK Fire Safety Scheme


Having worked internationally for over 10 years in a fire engineering and in a fire, risk assessing capacity I recognized the importance for informing the public for just how fire safe a building is. Upon my return to the UK back in 2014, I started work on what would become The Fire Safety Scheme ® , which aspires to be the UK’s standard for fire risk assessment undertaking, addressing the challenge for knowing just how fire safe a building is prior to using its facilities.
Historically assessors have used different tools, different methodologies, and when assessors have been benchmarked, were found to possess a vast range of experiences, knowledge and skills. This often led to inconsistent findings, which are not commensurate to the degree of fire risk. It was therefore important for me to develop an intelligent application tool to assist the fire risk assessor with their assessment undertaking and for that application to be intelligent linking
consumer needs for audited suppliers for fire safety products and or service providers.

Initial approach

Initially I produced a scope of works, an excel version of the tool to aid understanding and I then contacted this work with a Manchester based software development business. Their advice was to approach the project using a web-based design, such as framework 7. This approach, I was informed is typical because it is cost effective and for the most part application users wouldn’t know the difference between a web or application-based platform. A 16-week project commenced, however my lessons in business have been seldom learnt without a cost of some kind, as in this case, time commitment cost, financial and many lost customer opportunities. I experience all these and more, even to the point where I produced a bibliography of excuses for their procrastination. The project sadly run into two and a half years, while alarm bells were ringing after the initial 16-week program, and much to my own annoyance, I allowed this work to continue after 16 weeks is another foolish lesson in business experienced the hard way. The contractor in question eventually closed down and staff were let go for other opportunities. This left my project incomplete, out of pocket with a product unfit for customer consumption, therefore a very disappointing experience indeed.

Revised approach

Most businesses would have given in at this juncture, however as a subject matter expert believing in fire safety and wanting to make a real difference, I searched for a credible business development partner. Artimus (Artificial Intelligence Multiuse Solutions) are a software specialist based in the heart of Wales. The primary benefits for using their services were; having had an initial consultation I gained confidence in their abilities, they understood the application creation process necessary for my ideas, and their team integrated into my business seamlessly to fully appreciate the application and my customer user experience to be created. Following our consultation, we mapped out the scope of work taking cognisance of the work previously produced to avoid previous pitfalls. We agreed a program of works with various gateways aimed to check progress against scope continuously. The focus during our collaboration resulted on a high-quality product, with a platform that can be built upon for future improvements. I am pleased to say that Artimus are our software partner of choice for all of our development needs. Artimus are subject matter experts who are approachable, easy to do business with, having delivery on time and within my budget. It has been a pleasure to use their services.

Jason Hill CEO, The Fire Safety Scheme ® Software Case Study Software Case Study

In early 2018 we built a piece of software for HQ SEO Ltd’s Amazon marketing division.

The tool itself was called KeyworX and was designed to be an intelligent, accurate Amazon organic rank tracking system that automatically finds a specific product’s ranking positions for individual search terms. This would collect data which can then be used for modelling, prediction and more.

Organic rankings are a highly important KPI for Amazon businesses as this directly translates to organic sales and hence higher profits.

The product itself was designed to be simple, easy to use and very user-friendly allowing non-technical founders to use the product effectively.

The software was built with the application to show Amazon business owners what parts of their marketing were working and what could potentially be a low ROI strategy.

HQ SEO can now use this data for their clients and personal tests, eventually integrating machine learning capacities to help analyse this data and reverse engineer, using artificial intelligence, what marketing strategies and decisions are working well and generating a positive return on investment, and what strategies should be refined or eliminated completely.

Tom Buckland – Founder of HQ SEO Testimonial:

We started work with Artimus in early 2018. Ironing out the details was very easy and quick which was super important to us. We wanted a piece of software that was simple for customers to use and extremely accurate.

This was the main issue with the marketplace; softwares were clunky, difficult to use and the churn rate of users is very high. We wanted something very clean to simply show users what is working for them and what’s not.

Version one was completed within 2 months at a very affordable rate for the quality of work delivered, although there were a few issues and the product wasn’t ready for market. Artimus explained their approach and we implemented their recommended changes which resulted in a highly improved version two, which is now available and working with a 98% accuracy rating, one of the highest in the marketplace currently.

Moving into the future of the project, we’ll be looking to see how we can integrate some more advanced machine learning elements to distinguish, automatically, the types of marketing that are having the greatest ROI for clients, and the strategies that are most effective.

Working with Artimus was a very smooth process. No project is without issues but how these issues are resolved and more importantly, the speed at which these are resolved, was very important to us. I was impressed with their approach and we’ll be working with them again in the end of 2018 to improve KeyworX even further, add more features and apply various techniques to the data to work out ways to improve our ranking process.