ARTIMUS Welcomes Participants of the Prince’s Trust’s and Codez Academy’s Get into Digital Campaign

ARTIMUS believes in working alongside our community to assist in generating employment, training and mentoring contributors. ARTIMUS has taken on two participants from the Prince’s Trust “Get Into Digital” three-week campaign for their final week of commercial placement. This scheme intends to provide a crash course to those with a goal of fast-tracking their digital employability prospects.

Harry and Steven (pictured below) have joined the team this week to build on their skill sets in a commercial environment. ARTIMUS’ goal is to play a key role in increasing their employability and to further develop their knowledge and understanding of web development whilst providing valuable insights into the artificial intelligence industry.


ARTIMUS’ founder, Mr Toby White, stated:

“We monitored Harry and Steve throughout their first two weeks of the Codez Academy course in which they performed exceptionally well. Harry and Steve’s work ethic and personalities caught our attention which led us to welcoming them into our ARTIMUS family for the week. We hope their placement week can help them to further build on their experience and give them valuable insights into the evergrowing industry. Their excitement and enthusiasm reflects our business philosophy.”

We will be providing updates on their progress and individual projects ARTIMUS have tasked them, with so stay tuned to see how their week progresses.


What is the Get Into Digital Campaign?

The Prince’s Trust Get into programme covers 16 to 30-year-olds and provides experience and training needed to move into employment. If you are unemployed or training and live in the UK, the Prince’s Trust gives you the chance to gain work experience and receive training in a specific sector through their “Get into” programme whilst focusing on employability skills to help you move into another job after the course. Their participants select which area in which they wish to specialise in with programmes covering sectors on retail, construction, logistics, tech and hospitality. The Get Into programme is completely free and will not affect your jobseeker’s allowance. The Prince’s Trust will cover your travel costs and may be able to support with lunch and childcare costs during their course.


What is Codez Academy?

Codez Academy gives people from all ages the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a digital know-how, and build on the foundations of an online presence through one-to-one sessions and advanced evening courses. The Codez Academy believes that “code is the foundations of all things digital.” They argue that knowing how to code will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to build anything from websites to apps to games. Their range of courses focuses on hands-on learning in an interactive and immersive environment. Codez Academy’s designated tutors work closely with each of their students to ensure that they get the very most out of their learning experience to come away with practical and relevant skills and with an opportunity to enter into a modern and rewarding career.



ARTIMUS is a Bespoke Solutions company based in the South West region of the UK. They Specialise in Artificial intelligence solutions and pride themselves on being able to provide the best, highest quality development and project management services that you can find on the market.

Their mission statement is to “Focus on innovation: we want to create unique, outstanding technologies that will help us get one step closer to the simplest future possible. We are fully committed to bringing in artificial intelligence and multi-use solutions that work for companies all over the globe.”

To see how ARTIMUS can assist you with any of these services please contact us on +44 7826 852 610 or via email at