Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the means by which companies remove the most complex, redundant tasks from their business processes and optimise them for simplicity. In simpler terms, BPA is a hands-free, innovative approach in systemising critical business processes.

Why Businesses Implement Process Automation

Automation is propelling business efficiency and simplifying human lives in general. Organisations which embrace BPA have cut costs, saved time and have the ability to reallocate their resources to solve intelligent problems. Businesses are now eliminating the need for their employees to carry out rote tasks whilst eliminating the changes of human error.

Our customers frequently ask us how to strategically respond to amplified demands on staff without having a negative impact on their quality of work and customer experience. With our research, we tell them that the answer is in automation.

However, without the proper guidance in adopting this innovative strategy into business processes, it could potentially take years to understand the nuances of the automation process. We found that the common error with businesses trying to launch BPA is because they assume that they can recreate their manual steps with technology. Instead, they should look at areas where technology can optimise their efficiency without feeling the need to include every aspect of their dated manual methods.

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Our Process Automation Capabilities

Security & Compliance

Data will be kept with compliance and security measures relevant to your organisation

Process Tracking

Assign roles, track progress and view deliverables all in one place

Automated Workflows

Efficient, user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful dashboards

Reducing Costs

Using the most up-to-date tech to optimise manual inefficiency

Enhanced Customer Experience

Automation tools are set out to do more than just improve the working environment of staff - its impact is also positively felt at a consumer level. With the faster deployment of applications and improved performance, it results in a better user experience amongst customers. Uninterrupted services are proven to give companies a competitive advantage and overhead cost savings which can be passed on to consumers via lower product pricing and benefits. By creating automated applications which capture and route data to the correct decision-makers within an organisation, it grants the business the ability to monitor and improve performance initiatives which evidently improves customer satisfaction.

Scalability Without Risk

Workload automation is a proven strategy whereby departments are able to gain a better control over their business operations and how tasks are executed. Dynamic resourcing will be automatically able to allow the detection of conflicting resources, allowing teams to schedule tasks for their maximum efficiency and avoid goal impediment. The intelligent scalability provides businesses unprecedented growth without increasing the need of making staff redundant to meet budget constraints.

Reducing Costs

With the substitution of human vulnerabilities, businesses bypass the costs concerned with manual errors and inefficiencies. Process Automation benefits businesses by providing reduced costs. Service desks are found to generate ongoing costs which increase significantly in line with company growth. By having a well-defined service and an easy way of handling requests for that service, there will no need for service-desk engineers - automation will be in place and extract all of the manual costs out of the loop, leading to a reduction in deployment time of tasks by up to 75%.

Security & Compliance

Hundreds of millions of data records are compromised every year. Compliance is essential in preventing breaches, although it has been observed that compliance initiatives can often miss the mark due to a lack of coordination between operations and security teams. Thus, automating compliance security processes will allow departments to develop insights, audit and govern security strategies whilst reducing response time to known threats.

These tools allow companies to keep growing their businesses and deliver value whilst reducing overheads and compliance risks. Businesses are now able to produce real-time responsiveness in an efficient way so that their departments have the adequate time to focus on more important tasks as well as providing customers with their desired user experience.


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What Process Automation Has To Offer

Streamlined Communication

With the implementation of an automated workflow, it will enable your team (no matter how big or small the organisation) to gather around individual tasks and get things done in a simple and streamlined manner. Automation can offer the ability to have a visual dashboard where you are able to develop an outlook on all of the organisation’s tasks, messages and responsibilities in real-time. Every item in progress has its own line of communication so all of the conversations are recorded and delivered to the right place at the right time.

Enforce Accountability

With an automated workflow, it is easy to create an ‘owner’ for each step of your projects and tasks so that all initiations, approvals, rejections and input tasks are all bound to the appropriate employee expected to perform actions. Therefore, accountability on all stakeholders can be achieved through this level of transparency within your business processes. Moreover, applying Business Process Automation will aid in the identification on the tasks which a proving to be time-consuming and resource heavy, which could prove to be invaluable to managers when assigning goals and objectives to their work-force.


An automated system not only lets you view the status of the businesses tasks, it also gives you the ability to see your business’ activities as a whole – imagine what you could do with several months of work-related data produced from an automated system. Tracking requests, time spent on tasks and completion times are just some of BPA’s capabilities which will track the progress of your projects and retrieve data which will help optimise your business for future tasks. For example, managers would no longer have to ask employees for certain statuses or updates. The ability to easily view the status of every pending and completed item with their deliverables instead of trying to find out who is responsible for what, can save large amounts of time.


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