Bespoke Software

Why Should You Opt For Bespoke System Designs?

The primary benefits of using this type of service are efficiency and flexibility – we do the groundwork and respond to your inputs as the design progresses. You come up with your ideas, and our team will help you integrate them as you see fit. We continously work with small, as well as medium sized or even complex systems for our array of customers. The focus on collaboration and quality helps us generate impressive results and bring you the best solutions, regardless of the situation.

Being able to adapt to the needs of the current market is essential. By identifying and segmenting your customer base, you will be able to identify their needs and expectations.

Can Bespoke Software Benefit Your Organisation?

Want to learn more about how our Bespoke Software  services can help your business increase its efficiency and profits? Then contact us to book a Free Consultation with us to discover what's possible. We created this service specifically to help businesses reach their next level of competence.

Innovation Systems & Process Management

Once we have identified your customer and built up consumer profiles, we will need to create a dedicated system that will satisfy their needs effectively and efficiently which will help you achieve your corporate objectives.

We maintain that nothing is impossible when you focus on working with a team of experts you can rely on With our services, you can create and design a bespoke system that fulfils every requirement, however complex they may be.

Each one of our solutions is designed to offer quality and value. Once you invest in a professional bespoke system design solution, you will be able to grow your business and take it to the next level. Our team is always here for you to respond to your suggestions and to minimise your concerns.


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HQ SEO, Cardiff

The AI Recommendation engine helped me to determine which form of AI was most relevant to grow my business. This meant we were able to learn more about the type of AI which would provide the highest level of ROI for the business. Utilising this has helped our company to grow and expand at a more significant rate.

Tom Buckland - Founder


"ARTIMUS provided us with a cost-effective solution to client onboarding including data visualisations to improve our due diligence processes. The fact the ARTIMUS team has a deep understanding of data interrogation and structuring is a valuable resource in the era of customer intelligence"

David Rees - Director

Fitness Assurance, Manchester

ARTIMUS provided us with excellent digital expertise and support in order to create a bespoke online review facility. We’ve been
able to provide a fast free-to-use website that instantly assists visitors in finding and reviewing their fitness providers. The service provided by ARTIMUS was above and beyond my expectations, with a professional but also personable approach. This level of care and attention has certainly helped the website continuously improve and go from strength to strength. Thank you!

Samantha Smithson - Director

Mindful Work Training, Cardiff

We design and deliver online mindfulness training for organisations, for stress reduction. We needed an interactive website that could perform several functions. We contracted Toby at Artimus to work with us on a portal that could serve the trainee, the client and the us.

The brief was complex, but with Artimus' help we managed to make sense of it all, creating the first stages of a facility that will grow as we do. Artimus staff were patient, accommodating and creative in this process and helped us breathe a sigh of relief when we had a working system.

Simon Michaels - Founder and Director

Greyfly Consulting, Bristol

"ARTIMUS provided us with excellent MVP for our Business risk calculator, We’ve been able to provide a fast free-to-use business assessment solution that instantly highlights the risks a business should be focusing on and what risks they are dealing with well. This has helped not only us but our clients and those using the tool."

Lloyd Skinner - CEO

Rocky Ecommerce, Gibraltar

"We needed a fully functional, exclusive e-commerce platform built within a specific timeframe at a reasonable cost. Because of our extensive requirements, it deterred some other businesses from taking on the project. Artimus was my best alternative which offered services tailored to my specific needs; exceeding my expectations. Their unique solution provided the foundations for business as well as forming an excellent relationship to achieve a common goal. Artimus is a very specialised and professional entity of whom we would recommended to anyone looking to kickstart or revitalise their organisation"

Nathan Stockford - CTO