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Artimus is a boutique development consultancy specialising in providing bespoke solutions for tech-enabled businesses.

Our team of expert engineers and project managers are entirely focused on providing the best artificial intelligence and ultra-secure cloud infrastructure solutions on the market. We have the experience and confidence in our people to take on even the most ambitious projects.

Our expertise comes not from a single engineering perspective, but from detailed knowledge of a broad range of disciplines and their application across diverse markets.

We think quickly and move fast, so that once a concrete plan is agreed, results happen in hours, not months.

What we can do for you

The primary focus of Artimus is on delivery and flexibility. Solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and executed within budget and timescale. This focus allows a noble approach, exploring all the options and then solving with precision and speed.

The first step is always a deep dive into your current situation, to understand all the variables and design the most effective solution. All systems are designed to be self-sustaining after implementation, without costly reallocation of existing resources.

Artimus delivers futureproof best in class solutions while minimising disruption to clients’ primary business, or staying around longer than needed purely to maximise consultancy fees.


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ARTIMUS Is A Company Which Prides Itself On Deliverables.

Our Delivery Promise

We believe that successful client relationships rely on always achieving deliverables.

Our long track record of delivering effective technology solutions to businesses across many diverse industries demonstrates our team’s ability to assess, plan and implement even the most challenging and complex solutions.

We use industry-standard Agile methodology to design, build and implement innovative solutions that help businesses solve the most complex problems they face every day

The only question is…

How can we help you today?

Get an AI solution tailored to your business

Contact us now, and our experts will help you work out how much your business could benefit from the use of artificial intelligence.


Our People

Artimus was founded in 2016 by Managing Director Toby White, long-serving technology industry professional and specialist in artificial intelligence, efficiency and innovation driven development.

Byron Jones recently joined as Director of Engineering. Artimus can now call on his vast experience in architecture and ultra-secure cloud-agnostic infrastructures to offer a seamless end-to-end service to our clients and provide ongoing solutions and support.

Our professional team


Partner, Managing Director
Toby is an expert in AI technology and implementation who specialises in advising organisations about how best to develop and integrate AI strategies into their growth plans.He successfully built an AI marketing start up before moving on to work in an advisory role for startups in medtech and insurance among other industries, spearheading their AI initiatives. He is also a published author on the topic of artificial intelligence.

Byron Jones

Partner, Director of Engineering
Byron is a veteran IT security professional and solutions architect, with decades of industry experience, including high-profile CTO roles and a number of ambitious startup projects.He specialises in ultra secure infrastructure in cloud-based environments, and has worked with organisations including the London Stock Exchange Group, Bayer Pharmaceutical and Virgin Money to evolve their existing physical infrastructure into highly redundant autonomously built multi-cloud landscapes.


What do people say about us?

Our story

Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

Founded in 2016 by Managing Director Toby White, Artimus has operated as advisor, CTO and CPO across industries including medtech, fintech, adtech and financial services infrastructures. Our people have gone to market with numerous products, managed large internal and external teams, and handled seven-figure annual budgets.

Artimus was first envisaged as a boutique agency offering limited services including project management, app development and AI solutions. In 2019 the Artimus team founded MarketMate and fully merged into that business following a successful funding round.

MarketMate offered AI content creation utilising natural language processing to generate rich user content for social media marketing. It provides services to large corporate clients such as Nestlé, GS Verde group and many more. In April 2021 the core team separated from the successful business and relocated to Gibraltar, from where it has been operating since.

In early 2023 Artimus experienced rapid expansion, greatly increasing the number of services it could offer by teaming up with leading technology experts across disciplines including cloud infrastructure, front-end development, web design, SEO and UX/UI design.

During this period Byron Jones joined as partner and Head of Engineering, in order to take Artimus to the next stage in our evolution, and allow Artimus to offer enhanced planning, solutions, implementation and support right across the board.

We’ve since evolved to offer a full suite of technological services, from consulting on specific verticals to managing full scale projects, from inception to delivery and maintenance. Our new scale, agility and breadth of expertise have perfectly positioned us as the go-to team for tackling problems of any size faced by tech-enabled businesses in any industry.

Only one question remains…

Will your organisation lead the pack in joining the AI revolution, or will it follow the herd?


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