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Our in-depth discovery process identifies which solutions are being used most effectively in your industry. This means the solutions we provide for you will be perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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“Our focus is on innovation. We’re here to create unique, visionary technologies that move us one step closer to a simpler, clearer future. We’re fully committed to creating bespoke AI and multi-use solutions that perfectly fit the needs of companies around the globe.”

Toby White, CEO & Founder


What we do

Computer vision

Computer vision is the science of evolving machine vision to ‘see’ in the same way humans do. Research and development is focused around the automatic extraction, analysis and comprehension of useful information from one or a sequence of images.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a form of machine learning within artificial intelligence (AI) that refers to networks or algorithms that are capable of unsupervised learning from unstructured or unlabeled data.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems with the ability to learn and improve from experience and data without being explicitly programmed to.


Anomaly detection

In data mining and analysis, anomaly detection is the identification of items, events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern or other items in a dataset. Business success often relies on detecting these anomalies.

Data modelling

Data modelling is a process that defines and analyses the data requirements needed to support business processes within the scope of organisational information systems.

Business process automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) allows organisations to remove redundant tasks from business processes and optimise them for simplicity. BPA streamlines business development.

Cloud infrastructure

Ultra-secure, provider-agnostic cloud infrastructures can be designed and built within a wide range of industries, reimagining existing infrastructure into autonomously assembled multi-cloud landscapes.

How can AI help scale your business?

The Welsh Government recently interviewed Toby White in our Cardiff office, and he explained how Artimus is already scaling up a wide variety of businesses and industries across the UK.

We specialise in 'Making It Work', no matter what.

Artimus can work with anyone in any sector

Once you take us on, your problems become our mission to find the most effective solution.

Our rapidly growing portfolio includes:

Information technologies

AI is the future of information technology. Cloud-based solutions are just some of the tools we can use to help you achieve your business ambitions.


We help businesses navigate technologies from voice recognition to recommendation systems. We go the extra step to help marketers understand and define their audience.

Accounting & finance

AI is having a massive impact in the world of finance. It can solve accounting problems, handle the industry’s many challenges and provide the skills needed to work with intelligent systems.

Customer services

Artificial intelligence is making customer service easier to access, more reliable and more personal than ever before. We can improve your customer experience while ensuring you’re always in total control.

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We Make things happen

  • Advanced business analysis

    We can identify and analyse key metrics for your business and product, and design effective strategies to gain insight into customer and competitor behaviour to give your business the edge.

  • Cut costs

    AI-based processes such as those powering chatbots and process automation can be used to increase revenue, improve sales capacity and boost conversion.

  • Specific algorithms

    The beauty of machine learning is you can continuously adjust the algorithms baked on your company’s latest data, meaning you’ll always get the most timely and value-driven solution possible.

  • Infrastructure

    Businesses are often completely unaware how vulnerable their existing infrastructure is. Often built as an afterthought, or designed with accessibility rather than security in mind, IT infrastructure remains one of the biggest risk areas in today’s business landscape.By designing secure cloud infrastructure from the ground up, businesses can build in their required levels of flexibility and accessibility while remaining secure and cutting the cost of inefficient, outdated systems.

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